Or maybe not.

We intended to go to the grocery store this morning, but we never made it.  Nothing major, just a tire that badly needed some air.  Just for fun I looked up how much the trailer weighs (empty).  About 25 pounds.  Put a 35+ pound toddler in there and add a under inflated tire on a … More Or maybe not.

Or not….

Given my recent spate of posts about bicycles as a primary form of transportation, this may come as a surprise.  We’ve not yet ruled out getting a vehicle instead of a bicycle. I don’t know what we’re going to end up doing, there’s a lot of options that are all up in the air until … More Or not….

Go mommy GO!!

  Asked my kid where he wanted to go on the bike today, and he said “Target!!”.  It’s his “happy place”, his favorite store, and I think it’ll likely be his first job in 10 or 11 years.   Target is about 1.5 miles from our apartment, but on a couple of really busy streets. … More Go mommy GO!!