Boredom reigns supreme

Slowly coming to terms with the realization that using a bicycle as the primary transportation option for myself and my son is not going to happen.  I’m still really sad about it and very much wish that the streets here were safer than they are.  I try not to let it depress me too much, but it means mostly we don’t leave the apartment or at best the apartment complex.  The only place within in walking distance is a starbucks and an overpriced Chinese grocery store.  The supermarket takes about an hour each way by bus, instead maybe 20 minutes by bike.  Too far to walk with a toddler, too far to walk with cold/frozen items.

There’s the outdoor minimall that’s just the other side of the highway from us.  I think it’s close enough to walk, but it’s weather dependent.  If it’s too hot or too rainy, then we won’t go.  Also, there’s really not much there.  Just a mini-Target, and overpriced (and not very good) coffee shop, and a lot of restaurants and teashops/bakeries.  If I wanted to sit and have drinks or a meal with my husband or a friend, it’d be great for that.  Add a toddler or child into the mix and it’s pretty miserable for everyone.  The outdoor mall is definitely designed for folks that don’t have children.


2 thoughts on “Boredom reigns supreme

  1. Let’s organize a group ride. I think I have an idea of where you’re located, and I know plenty of riders in the area who would love an excuse to go for a spin. 🙂

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