She’s curvy and green and mine (soon).

After a couple years of riding a falling apart junky “Walmart special” mountain bike of which I was the third owner, we decided it was time to get a new bike that would actually do what we wanted it to, haul a kid and a few groceries.  We thought very briefly about getting a car, but really everywhere the kid and I go is less than five miles away (the big fancy mall is about five and a half, but we don’t go there often).  Cars are expensive and we’d have to pay for a parking space, gas, maintenance.  A bike is just a better option.

So we headed up to a store in Berkeley that lots of people say is the best family bike store around.  I generally hate bike store and usually get ignored or treated in a condescending manner when I’m in them.  But this store was really nice.  I had already narrowed my search down, and they had two of the three bikes I was considering.  They were super busy and it was a bit of a wait, but worth it.  I chatted with the friendly salesperson, the bike that had been at the top of my list (Breezer Uptown 8) had one big question “will it work with a child seat”.  The short answer is “yes” but it’ll probably be uncomfortable for me and our son (he’s a tall three year old).

Bike option number two was a Yuba Boda boda.  We have a winner!  The store only had the older version of the bike, but actually I think I like the old version better than the new one.  Took for a test ride and it’s amazingly fun.  First because it actually works, everything is new(ish) and it runs perfectly as opposed to the second or third hand bikes I’ve been riding.  It’s also lighter than my current bike by 5 pounds.  The ability to use a child seat instead of a pulling a heavy trailer that’s low and hard for traffic to see is nice too, especially since our son has gotten too tall for the trailer.  Convincing him to actually ride in seat will be the next challenge.  He freaked out a bit when we did a test fit in one at the store.  He’ll get used to it eventually, I’m sure.

We’re having a few things added to make it our own.  The shop offered to do it while we waited, but they were super busy and our kid was getting cranky, so we decided to make it easier for everyone and just pick it up next weekend. That will also let me take the car seat out so I can fold down all the seats and have a big empty space in the back.  Next weekend I’ll drive up to Berkeley and bring the bike home.  That gives me a week to make room in the garage 🙂


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