Taking the safe way to Safeway.

I took my first trip on my new bike today.  Went to the grocery store to do the weekend shop.  I took a short journey for about 2/3 of the trip so I could ride on a less busy road.  I took the busy route home, and that was fine too. Six pack of beer, bag of groceries (mostly light stuff).  Stuck my handbag and a bottle of water in the basket too.  I have a cheap pannier/backpack from IKEA on the back that held a half gallon of milk, a cooler full of frozen food, and my humorously large chain lock.

All loaded up and ready to ride!

Funny story:  I’m riding this beast of a bike home, loaded up with groceries, and wearing a dress.  A “biker” decked out in spandex and clippy shoes whizzed past me and shot me a dirty look.  Yeah dude, you’ve got speed, but I’ve got comfy clothes and beer.  In hindsight, I should of just offered him a beer lol.

Before I went to the store, I took our kid for a few laps around the apartment complex.  He’s never ridden in a bike child seat before (we used a trailer before), and we wanted to have the first trip be short in case he was anxious.  About half way around I asked him “is this better than the trailer?” And he gave me a very enthusiastic “yeah!!”.  More fun for the kiddo, more fun (and a whole lot easier) for mama. Win-win!


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