Do you see me now you #&%(! idiot?!

Apologies in advance for the profanity in this post.  If you’re offended by such things, then you may want to just not read this post.  Thanks 🙂

Went for a walk this morning, went to our local (mini) Target to get a couple of things we needed.  It’s closer and more interesting than the grocery store.  Walking there requires me to walk past the on/off ramps for a huge massive highway. (MOAR CARS!!)  We have the crosswalk light and are walking across the 4 lanes of traffic exiting the highway.  The intersection was actually empty, which never happens.  We make it through the first lane just as some idiot in a big SUV (why is it always SUVs?) comes speeding up the exit ramp and fully into the crosswalk.  She was about 6 inches away from hitting.  She was looking left the entire time (because she was going to make a right turn on red).  Had I not been looking and stopped when I saw her car hurtling toward us, we probably would be in the hospital right now (or worse).  She gave no indication at all that she saw us, until I shouted at her in a very loud voice “HEY!!!  You almost hit us you (insert string of expletives)!!!   At which point she looks over and does one of those “oops I’m sorry” waves.  “Oops I’m sorry” may have been ok for just being in the crosswalk.  (Illegal and annoying, but it happens all the time.)  I’m pretty sure that for nearly killing a mother and child, you should really have more of an apology than a simple “oops”.  “Oops!!!  Sorry I nearly killed you both, but I really wanted to make this right turn on red and I was too busy looking left because I’m a shitty driver that’s too irresponsible to check for a pedestrian.”

What is really truly sad….is that something similar to this happens about every three or four trips out of the house (when walking or riding a bike).  SO many horrible drivers here.  It’s fucking unreal.


Added on 06/13/2017:  This intersection now has a HUGE light up sign that says NO RIGHT TURN.  It appears to be activated by the crosswalk signal.  So…improvement!  However, while waiting (in a car) at this intersection, I did see several people disregarding the sign.  Maybe they need some kind of pop-up bollards that physically prevent vehicles from turning?


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