Virtue signaling.

Virtue signaling is the conspicuous expression of moral values done primarily with the intent of enhancing standing within a social group.  (wikipedia)

In the instargam-a-riffic reality that is Silicon Valley, so much is about virtue signaling.  The people that take “selfies with the homeless”.  (Oh aren’t I great, I helped a homeless person and gave them a hug, give me a hundred-thousand “likes”).  You should help people without expecting praise or reward.  The people that make such a big freakin’ deal about being vegetarian or vegan.  Shut up already!  Nobody cares!  It’s only relevant if you’re eating my cooking or you’re trying to order something and want to know if it has meat/dairy/whatever in it.  Got an electric car?  Great!  That’s nice for you, shut up about it and realize it doesn’t make you any better than the people driving gasoline powered cars.  Got a bike?  Great!  Just because your bike cost $3000 doesn’t mean that you’re better than someone riding a walmart special, it just means you’ve got more disposable income.

Drive what you want, eat what you want, be the person that you want to be.  Just don’t expect anyone to think you’re “better person” because of it.

(End rant.)


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