Breaking the law.

The law is that you may not ride your bicycle on the sidewalk unless you are under the age of 12 or are accompanying a rider under the age of 12.  I follow this law, but yesterday I broke it.  (Shock!!  Horror!!! Get off the sidewalk you horrible person that’s giving all bicycle riders a bad reputation!!!)

Ok, so not really.  Yes, I was knowingly breaking the law.  But so was every single other cyclist I saw on this bit of road.  That doesn’t make it legal, but it was the sensible and safest option.  They’re digging up the roads (again) where we live.  It is a traffic nightmare.  It’s down from 3 or 4 lanes in each direction, to one in each direction, and in some cases one lane total.  Obviously, the bike lanes are blocked up.  Oh hell no…I am NOT gonna be riding my bicycle in that mess.  And apparently nobody else was either.  Everyone that was on a bike did exactly what I did, ride on the sidewalk until they passed the construction chaos, and then got back on the road.

If we’ve a moral obligation to break unjust laws, then I think we’ve got license to break unsafe laws.


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