Prepared for the zombie bike-pocalypse.

Hefting around my 15 lb bike chain/lock has got me thinking that maybe it’s a bit too much.  That sucker is heavy as…well…heavy as manganese hardened steel (because it is). It’s not just a lock, it’s a weight training too, and in case of zombie attack, could probably swung around and take out some undead.  I’m thinking though, that it’s a bit much.  It’s not the weight so much as it is where I put the darn thing while I’m riding home from the store.  It makes my front basket go all wobbly, and if I put it in the pannier with the groceries, it tips the bike over sideways (with kiddo on board, not good).  Today I used a small clip on bag as a sort of makeshift pannier, but I don’t think I trust that bag not to break.  I’m sure I’ll figure out something.

We took these pictures ages ago, but I wasn’t able to share them until recently (because, reasons).  They’re from the first ride on the new bike.

So…do you like the bike?  Is it better than the trailer?  YEAH!!!  (and yes, we’ve gotten him a better fitting helmet now).

IMG_0260 copy.jpg

First ride out on the bike, we did a couple laps around the apartment complex so I could make sure he was ok with the seat, and then I rode to the grocery store without him, so I could make sure that I was ok with riding that far, and back, with groceries.  Cheapy ikea pannier for groceries and frozen/fridge stuff in the cooler in the basket.  Yes, I’m wearing a dress, I usually wear a dress or a skirt.  I’m weird like that.  (Well…I’m weird in lots of ways lol)

IMG_0262 copy.jpg


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