Cupertino in a single jpg


Setup business in Cupertino, spend your money here, just don’t drive on our roads, live in our city (we don’t want more multi-family housing), go to our schools, or build/renovate office space for your company (Perhaps you’d like to set up shop in the Vallco mall?  We have lots of space going to waste there, in another decade or so it’ll have that “1980’s vintage” appeal.)

How can we, the legacy residents of Cupertino, make it clear to these horrible newcomers (some of whom have been here for years now) that they are not wanted?

Don’t worry, we know you don’t like us.  We just don’t care what you think.  Silicon Valley will not always be here.  Eventually you’re going to get what you claim to want.  The big tech companies will leave for cities with far fewer restrictions on them (like Austin, Denver, Salt Lake City, Portland, Seattle).  Their employees and their families will follow, because we’re only here for the jobs.  The money that all those tech employees spend will disappear with them.

Your house that you cared so much about that you didn’t want any development near it (the dust, the noise, the traffic, the horror!!)  will of course still exist.  But hopefully you haven’t taken out too much in loans on it, because it will be worth a fraction of what it’s valued at now.

Silicon valley exists because of the tech companies, not the other way around.


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