A short conversation with my son today.

Riding home from the grocery store is slightly downhill making it a lot easier than riding TO the grocery store. This is especially a nice thing because I’m usually hauling home a big bag (or two) of groceries. It also means I can pedal easy and pretty much coast most of the way home, and therefore can chat with our four year old a bit when the road isn’t too crowded with noisy cars. This is the conversation we had today.

Me: You ok back there?
J: Yeah, I ok.
Me: Did you like going to the store?
J: Yeah.
Me: Do you like riding on mommy’s bike?
J: Yeah!
Me: Is it better than riding in the car?
J: YEAH!!!!!
Me: (Smiles) I think so too buddy.

Today’s grocery load was a little smaller than average, more of a “picking up a few things we need” than a weekly stock up.  It’s a lot easier to do the weekly stock up run without 30 lbs of preschooler on the back of the bike 🙂

It’s been crazy hot here lately, so we’ve not been getting out on the bicycle as much as we would’ve liked to.  I’m not keen on getting heatstroke (again).  Now that it’s getting to be a more tolerable temperature we should be getting out more often.  Yay!


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