Breaking the law.

The law is that you may not ride your bicycle on the sidewalk unless you are under the age of 12 or are accompanying a rider under the age of 12.  I follow this law, but yesterday I broke it.  (Shock!!  Horror!!! Get off the sidewalk you horrible person that’s giving all bicycle riders a … More Breaking the law.

The city’s plan for the future

I’ve just finished reading the 2016 Bicycle Transportation Plan for the city of Cupertino.  It gives me hope.  At least a little hope.  It also explains why I feel like the streets around my apartment are so horrible.  Because they are! lol.  The whole area where I am is considered “high stress” for people … More The city’s plan for the future

Go mommy GO!!

  Asked my kid where he wanted to go on the bike today, and he said “Target!!”.  It’s his “happy place”, his favorite store, and I think it’ll likely be his first job in 10 or 11 years.   Target is about 1.5 miles from our apartment, but on a couple of really busy streets. … More Go mommy GO!!